A most fortunate week

“You will receive unexpected support over the next week. Accept it graciously.”

– Fortune Cookie #2, September 4

Humor me while I don the yellow shirt.

For the past week I have experienced what it is like to be  a  cyclist in the Tour de France. Since beginning the Wu Food Project last Friday, it has been like  pedaling  past a happy,  cheering crowd armed with water bottles and  smiles.  Not only has the support been “unexpected”– it has been  a true amazement.

Words of  kindness  and encouragement have filled my in-box and filled my heart.

In addition to my dearest  friends,  admired colleagues, and beloved family members—I also  thank the many  innocent and hapless strangers who,  upon expressing so little as an inch of interest,  have been rewarded with a long  highway of details regarding the Wu Food Project over this past week.

My hope was that the blog would encourage me to achieve a higher level of introspection and  reflection. I thought that through its looking glass I might  be enabled  to see myself more clearly.

However,   my delight and comfort comes  from what I see in the mirror in addition to myself–the many graceful people who are  standing behind me with such good will, advice, and support.

Peaceful and contented Panda nibbles on a snack of tender bamboo shoots in the entry area hear the front door.

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