Comfort a la Wu

Mr. Wu's dish called "Shrimp in Lobster Sauce" over brown rice was warm, wonderful, and conforting after a long day.

A soupy thing is a comforting thing.

Maybe it’s the bowl. Maybe it’s the spoon. Both have  historical antecedents that harken back to the nursery.

Whatever the reason, I couldn’t have been more pleased when I finally arrived at Mr. Wu’s tonight and learned that he had prepared shrimp with lobster sauce. Yum!

The menu describes this entree as shrimp sautéed with green peas, onions, and carrots in a lobster sauce.  It was the perfect meal tonight, especially after a day that began early in the morning–included a fashion shoot, and  did not end until after a  rehearsal.

The delicate flavors of the sauce soaked into the brown rice  and because of the carrots and green peas, I was put in mind of  a silky chicken a la king. Because the day had been a long one–9 until 9, Mr. Wu’s choice for me tonight was much appreciated.

In fact  the soupy mixture was so good, that right now  sleep has an overwhelming, irresistible  appeal.

And so it is off to bed–tucked in by the  homey  comfort found  in  a steaming hot bowl of superbly  soupy  Wu Food.

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