Serendipitous Singapore Noodles

Mr. Wu's Singapore Noodles

While Mr. Wu and I visited Sunday night, I told him  that I      was  concerned  as to how I would be able to eat Wu Food for lunch on Monday. For the first time since the Wu Food Project began, I would not have access to a microwave and thus would be unable  to re-heat my box of  Wu Food.

I asked Mr. Wu, “What do you take with you  for lunch when you go fishing?”

“Oh, ” he answered, “Sometimes I take a sandwich, and sometime I take some cold noodles, like a salad.”

About this time the Singapore Noodles were brought from the kitchen. Opening up the box of colorful  shrimp and vegetables  laced with curry, it was obvious that this confetti collection with the ubiquitous brown rice would make a wonderful cold salad on Monday.

And so it did. As my colleagues munched on toasted pimento  sandwiches, and big scoops of potato salad, it clearly  would have put a  serious ding in my resolve and  the auspicious beginnings of the Wu Food Project had I not brought along a tasty lunch prepared by Mr. Wu.

The fact that on that particularly evening  Mr. Wu had chosen to serve me  his Singapore Noodle dish was a serendipitous surprise.

Another  pleasing thing was that it took me longer to eat my noodles and brown rice than it did for my colleagues to eat their hearty lunch.  No doubt the length of time one spends in the process of enjoying a meal relates to to how soon one becomes satiated.  Apparently is takes a certain length of time for the stomach to tell the brain that it has had enough.

To this end, my quest tomorrow will include instruction in the art of  chop sticking, something that will  allow me to  slow down my chow down while adding some  play time to my  meal time–courtesy of Mr. Wu.

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