Inside Looking Outside

View from the booth where we were seated for dinner tonight.
View from the booth where we were seated for dinner tonight.

Today I looked forward to meeting my friends Bill and Mary for dinner.  They are long time fans of the Royal Panda, and  tonight they wanted to be like me and “eat healthy”  Wu Food. They amused Mr. Wu by asking him  to  please select something from the menu that he felt was especially healthy.

Mary and Bill are model eaters. Bill plants a garden each year, and they can and freeze the produce that they cannot “keep up with.” Also, Mary is an adventurous cook and enjoys taking intriguing recipes and giving them her own spin.

For Bill, Mr. Wu chose one of his special signature dishes called Royal Panda Shrimp. It is the perfect dish for a Libra such as myself  because  the plate is filled half way with shrimp cooked in a mild and delicate white sauce, and the other half is happily hollering Hunan all the way. AS you can see, both tribes of shrimp  are served with healthy doses  of green in the guise of deliciously savory spinach or chipper crisp snow peas.

Mary, who had requested fish, got fish. Hunan fish.  News of this choice reached Mary before the dish did, and so for a few anxious moments, she was afraid that the dish would be too hot and spicy for her baby palate. It took only one bite for  Mary to decide that the  entree was “jusssst right.”

I was treated to the delicate fleshly pleasure of tender white scallops. They were  bathed in a sensuous white sauce that cast a glistening glaze over the spinach as well.

Mr. Wu’s spin on spinach is exceptional.  Obviously it is served hot, but it is also heavenly when eaten chilled the next day, which in this case, will be tomorrow!

It was a relaxing dinner. I enjoyed the view from Mr. Wu’s window, and thought about how glad I was to have the joy of Bill and Mary’s  companionship.  After all, what could present  a more lovely view than these two special friends across the table who  share my happiness regarding the continuing success of the  Wu Food Project.

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