just to be safe

This unusual fountain that stands in the foyer features a brilliant, turquoise blue ceramic ball sheathed in a glossy flow of water.

It occurred to me today to ask Mr. Wu if he takes any vitamins or nutritional supplements.  He replied that his doctor suggested that he take Vitamin D–and that he also decided for himself to take fish oil.

I must admit, I was seriously relieved to hear his answer. The wide variety  of vitamins and  the various and sundry nutritional supplements on the market  is bewildering to me.

To be honest, I think  there is a part of me that simply wants to believe that eating healthy food should get the job done.  But there is plenty of evidence to suggest that this  would only be true in a perfect world.

I know–because my own doctor told me, that it would be a good idea to take Vitamin D and calcium.

Sounds like from what I read in the news that Vitamin D is this year’s  “It” vitamin.

And that is  exactly what becomes so confusing–this year Vitamin A is the toast of the town, and next year we are all celebrating Vitamin C. Even garlic, once thought to ward off vampires, had its day to bask  in the sun.

Sometimes I encounter  people who have developed  their own personal regimens  of vitamins  and supplements–and they are really, really devoted, almost reverential about what they take.  It seems like their attitude, because it is so positive,  could actually enable them to literally think themselves healthier, which is nothing to sniff at. If it works, I’m for it!

All in all,  taking a handful of vitamins and supplements could only do me good. And I don’t have to go very far to find them. As it happens, I already have a little collection of vitamins and supplements that I invested in a couple of months ago–but failed to keep up with because my schedule of eating was so irregular. Now that I am eating regular meals, I can  get back into the habit of taking them–especially the calcium with vitamin D.

I’ll be sensible,  and I won’t take too much of any one thing, but it  does seem like they could do me some good–and since I now know  Mr. Wu is taking them, I will have an additional incentive to do so, too.

One thought on “just to be safe

  1. I take a B-complex for vegans since B12 isn’t found in plant foods (except nutritional yeast, which is yummy, but I don’t eat it every day). And calcium, because even though vegans can get plenty from beans and greens, osteoporosis runs in my family.

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