Is it Wu or is it me?

I’ve got so much more to think about:

Riding against the wind with my sidekick, Tina the Ballerina.

Deadlines and commitments

What to leave in, what to leave out.

Against the wind

I’m still running against the wind…

Let the cowboys ride–

They’ll  be riding against the wind.

From Bob Seger’s “Against the Wind”

My big brother was my parent’s first born, and I was their last. Thirteen years and two vastly different networks of synapses chart our differences.

I have always thought he hung the moon, and he has always pointed out my foibles and short comings.  He has a gift  for critical analysis and  a thought process unfettered by sentimentality.  While I wallowed in the catnip of poetry and music and art, my brother taught the physics of aerospace safety and why big planes sometimes go boom  at USC.

I am indebted to him, for it was he, with his bushy mustache and  piercing blue eyes,  who taught me to be mindful.

So it came as no surprise when he responded to my email about the blog and the unexpected  loss of five pounds with a pointed  question: “Do you think it is the Wu diet?”

Of course it is and it isn’t.  Because this is a project, not just a diet. It’s about what Wu would do, and it’s about how I should think. As Bob Seger said so simply, the issue is always “what to leave in, and what to leave out.”.

I am quite  struck by the number–and quantity of  foods and ingredients that I simply did not eat before. Like water chestnuts. How about that? Mr. Wu is a prodigious eater of water chestnuts, as well as copious amounts of brown rice. Also, celery, onions,  and snow peas. Like the Sesame Street tune goes: some of these things are kind of the same thing, some of these, no wait–these things are all the same in that we are talking major fiber here.

While I am eating more fiber, I am eating less meat. Food is steamed not fried, and I am drinking tea instead of a martini, and water in place of wine.

Ingredients like carrots, asparagus, red peppers, and snow peas–all with that serious chew factor I have alluded in an earlier entry dominate the diet, and literally put my choppers into first gear.  Slowing meals down to a relaxed pace,  along with all of the fiberliciousness,  allows me to feel full.

Although I have already lost more pounds than I expected, I have not been able to follow through with my resolve to be more active.

So even though I have already lost the five pounds I sought to lose, I have not yet changed all of the habits  that I must address in order to do what Wu would do.

Tomorrow marks the third week, and the point at which I had  hoped to have made some changes in my lifestyle and habits–and fortunately I have.

Did I say fortunately?

Tonight my fortune  once again read, ” You will obtain your goal if you maintain your course.”

With all of the food porn images and marketing aimed at putting unhealthy foods  and an unhealthy attitude toward food into our consciousness, maintaining my course alone and without Mr. Wu would be like going against the wind.

But that’s okay. The Wu Food Project is working.

Let the cowboys ride.

2 thoughts on “Is it Wu or is it me?

  1. Another wonderful meal with you and Mr. Wu. The Peking Fish was just outstanding. It is so nice to know that the last meal of the day is going to healthy and very delicious. I can tell that the Wu Project is working.

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