Coffee and Candide

“We are able to hold out no longer; we have walked enough. I see an empty canoe near the river-side; let us fill it with cocoanuts, throw ourselves into it, and go with the current; a river always leads to some inhabited spot. If we do not find pleasant things we shall at least find new things.”

— Cacambo’s  advice to  Voltaire’s  Candide

Today marks the end of the first three weeks of the Wu Food Project–a  date made   auspicious by the supposed fact that it requires at least three weeks to change an old behavior and form a new habit.

Like Cacambo,  three weeks ago I  knew I had “walked far enough”–and that I was not getting anywhere with my old ways of eating.

I was frustrated because  my past efforts to change my eating habits  had met with no success. It made all kinds of sense to take a new tack and try something completely different–even if I had no idea whether it would work.  In short, I spied a canoe, and decided that I was ready try something new in order to  find something new.

And I have. Not only have I lost more than the five pounds I set out to lose, but I have begun to change some habits along the way.  For example, I now eat breakfast–which means taking the time to eat breakfast.  Mr. Wu’s simple breakfast of fruit and oatmeal and skim milk is not difficult or time consuming to prepare, and the fringe benefit of having no sugar or sweetener in my diet is that the fruit I eat tastes really sweet to me now. I love that!

While it was not too hard to add oatmeal to my life, I find I still MISS MY COFFEE. Oops, sorry. But I really really really do miss my one daily happy cup of  morning coffee. With five creams and two splendas.

Bianca’s earlier  comment  that she, too, in an effort to do without coffee,  found  the force with coffee very strong, made this grasshopper  feel a lot better about missing it.  I am in complete admiration of her fine  vegan self, and after reading about some of her yum-delicious recipes, I may find her campfire  around the next bend of the river.

At any rate, when I blow out the candles on my birthday melon (that’s what Mr. Wu makes for me on my birthdays),  I’ll be wishing for  a good ole medium  cup of McDonald’s coffee!

Maybe in another week  I won’t feel the same way, but I bet I do. The warmth and the sensual pleasure of the aroma and flavor of the coffee is hard to give up.

It will be interesting to discover whether or not adding one cup of coffee to my present diet will make a difference–but that will not happen for another week, and then,  like our friends Candide and Cacambo– we shall see what we see.

Hopefully it will be something pleasant.

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