The Wu I Didn’t Know

Large parties are often seated in a semi-private area that is separated from the rest of the restaurant by a low partition.

As a long-time patron of the Royal Panda, I have to admit that the one embarrassment of the Wu Food Project  has been my realization of how limited my own experience was of Mr. Wu’s extensive menu.

It is not that I do not have an adventurous palate–I do–and yet time after time I would order the same dishes.  And I am not alone in this menu culpa–its a common confession among his biggest fans; and like most repeat offenders, it’s easy for us to lay the blame for our crimes against variety on someone else–in this case, Mr. Wu, for making such darn good dishes that we crave them again and again.

By  continually ordering the same menu items,  I feel as though I have slighted Mr. Wu,  much as if I’d  held a lighter aloft and begged  the Emerson String Quartet to perform nothing but  Freebird.

Well, Mr. Wu has taken the opportunity to wow me with variety, and all I can say is bravo!

Here are some of the awesome dishes he has prepared for me in the last few days.

Chicken Breast in Lettuce Cups (or as wraps) with Brown Rice
Royal Panda Lo Mein with Brown Rice
Chicken Breast in Hunan Sauce and Brown Rice
Chicken Breast with Asparagus  and Brown  Rice
Orange Roughy and Tree Ear Mushrooms and Snowpeas with Brown Rice

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