Fortune Cookie Investment Strategy

This fortune cookie was definitely on the money.

“Don’t worry about the stock market. Invest in family.”

Good advice. And it’s one reason we spent an hour just trying to gather ourselves  at Mr. Wu’s for my birthday lunch.

You would think the four of us were coming from the earth’s four corners. Not true! We live no more than 5 minutes from each other.

There was a game plan in place, but for our clan,  the presence of a plan is merely an ominous herald  that very soon, things are about to  go awry.  In this case it was a simple, actionable strategy–one son would pick up the granny, one son would drive himself, and I would meet everyone there at 11:30.

Long, long story abbreviated–our family birthday celebration stretched into hours like a pool of melted ice cream.   Don’t ask me why. And I won’t tell.

Once everyone finally  did have their napkins in their laps, we ate wonderfully well.

Here are  two  photos of my birthday lunch repast (look! fried food!) , as well as the supper I enjoyed later in the day with some of my best friends.

Shrimp rolls and crabmeat wontons
Chicken Breast, Jade Vegetables, and Brown Rice
Sea Bass with Asparagus and Brown Rice

2 thoughts on “Fortune Cookie Investment Strategy

  1. Loved dinner last night. Your next blog must tell the story of the flag. For me, that was fascinating. History of course, is all important to me and is like a magnet drawing me into the stories of the past. However, I think anyone would love that story and admire your father’s desire to return his simple souvenir to one who would view it as closure to her son’s life. Tell the story.

  2. Happy birthday!! I’m an only child, but my parents and I have the same problem. All three of us are notoriously late everywhere we go, and when we make a plan together, things never, ever happen on time. 🙂

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