Buying groceries is not without risk

Well, it wasn’t my best week.

While it is true that I did partake of  two meals of non-Wu Food, and even drank 3 cups of coffee (with 5 creams, 2 splendas) I was never the less very careful to eat according to Wu  Principles at both of  those two meals–both were fish and served with vegetables–although both included smushed potatoes.

Nope, I am going to lay the lion’s share of the blame on my lack of exercise and all of the late suppers. It was a singularly sedentary week. Ugh. And I didn’t sleep all that well either–I kept having “work dreams”–the kind that make you feel more awake than asleep when you are having them, and then  more tired when you wake up than you did when you first went to bed.

Even missed walking or swimming yesterday–and it was a Saturday. I think I am getting bummed enough to get angry about this. It’s always the same, and it will not change, so I am going to have to be absolutely proactive.

I am really vexed. Because each time I think I am on the verge of getting  caught up, some event or some new goal comes hurtling in and  lands  on my plate. It is  like chasing a piece of paper blowing in the wind–and I just can’t quite catch up with it.

In addition to the usual demands and aforementioned surprises, some predatory lowlife decided to stalk  my  good and gentle 87-year old mom like she was a bunny rabbit  all around Walmart before  pinching her billfold from her purse as  she stood  peering  into the frozen food case.

Needless to say, I have been doing a lot of thinking about this incident. Somehow, one would think she might have been safe inside of the store. I wonder how often shoplifters are apprehended, and why this guy who was obviously acting suspiciously did not arouse the store security folks.  If he made my mom nervous, it should have been obvious to the Walmart Watchdogs.

My mom feels guilty– like she somehow did something insensible by leaving her purse in the cart right in front of her, and is blaming herself for not being more careful.

I wonder if this person congratulated himself for merely taking her wallet in a quiet and non-violent way. Perhaps he feels like it is  a victimless crime, since the credit card company will have the insurance company take care of the debt he runs up.

The worst loss may have been her medical ID cards, but now she has those back, thanks to an eagle eyed clean up lady who saw the bill fold  in the  clear plastic garbage bag  at a fast food  restaurant across town.

We need to do better when it comes to taking care of our children and our older people.

If the store cannot provide a safer  environment for shoppers, then they should post a warning: Shop here at your own risk.

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