Wu, Water, and My Waterloo

A small part of the large fountain that stands in the center of the dining room. Mr Wu constructed this fountain himself.

I’ve mentioned before about Mr. Wu’s wonderful water fountains.

Drinking enough water to keep all of my working parts properly afloat seems to be one of my Waterloos.

Tomorrow I will reflect upon these images of Mr. Wu’s fountains and hope that it inspires me to drink more water!

It does not seem at all rational to sit at my desk and not swig away at a bottle of water, but somehow I get so lost in what I am doing that it completely slips my mind.

So tomorrow I am taking a cup and I am going to make a very conscious effort to do better–so I will FEEL better.

It’s just one more of those good habits that I need to establish.



As I go along with the Wu Food Project, it has been very revealing to me as to just how off the mark I had drifted from living a normal, healthy lifestyle.



I guess I had become sort of like the little frog who jumps into a pot of  cold water that someone comes along and builds a fire under…the story goes  that Mr. Frog will jump right out of a pot that is boiling, but cook to death in a cold pot that gradually reaches a simmer.

One month was enough to lose 1o pounds, but not enough to change all of the habits I need to change.

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