The Wu Week in Review

It’s never a good sign when you look back at the past week–and all you see behind you is a blur. For sure, it is a strange world we live in when the photos of the food you have eaten mark the days,  like  rotating shadows against  a sundial.

Although Mr. Wu strives mightily to provide me with a wide variety of menus, I must admit to occasionally yearning for some degree of repetition.

This week,  because of Mr. Wu’s absence  and  because I was left to fend for myself, I had what was literally my first taste of my own menu choices. Nothing big to report here–it just manifested in small things.  I’ll describe three of my favorites that exhibit a wide range of tastes and textures.

Singapore Noodles

For example, last night  I ordered some of Mr. Wu’s  Singapore noodles that have curried a lot of favor in the past for their color, warm spice and interesting combination of textures.

On another night when Mr, Wu was unable to babysit,  I just wanted something  mild and soupy and non-confrontational. That particular dish is spelled  ” Shrimp in Lobster Sauce”.

And the winner for guilty pleasure food is the crunchy, yummy Royal Panda Chicken that is served in lettuce wraps–I like the look of the cups, and flavorful hoisin sauce.

Royal Panda Chicken in Lettuce Cups

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