Carrot Blossom

When the Royal Panda is not super busy, Mr. Wu sits at the back booth like  Pygmalion, creating ladylike floral blooms  from rustic carrots and  grubby little radishes.

My fist impulse was to share his method with everyone, but after watching his technique tonight, all I can say is, “For heaven’s sakes, do not try this at home.”

In fact, don’t try to do it the way he does it anywhere ever.

My heart was in my throat watching him tonight, and I am hoping Mother Wu has never had to watch him because I don’t think any mother could survive watching her child wield a knife in the manner that Mr. Wu does as he carves the almost wood-tough carrots into delicate blossoms. That must be one sharp knife–and Mr. Wu must have fingers of steel.  His one safety precaution is to wrap his thumb in tape.

The first thing he does is to cut the carrot into chunks or segments. 

Then the next step is to remove the rind while at the same time creating a nice even round so that the finished blossom will be symmetrical.

The next step is to create the

first row of petals at the base of the round—the scallops have to be very

evenly spaced. Mr. Wu holds the knife almost as if it is a pencil.

This was surprising to me–Mr. Wu actually cuts out sections of the carrot and removes them so that the petals look as thought they have been sculpted.


The carrot begins to look like a blossom. 


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