Short Days and Longer Nights

There's something about fall and winter that brings out my urge to nibble.

The dark,  blue-gray clouds and the sound of the drizzling rain were  welcome sights and sounds  today, but  it was also the first portent of the weather to come; the soggy days of fall and winter are just around the corner now.

IT will be getting dark earlier and earlier–especially next weekend after the time changes. If a day was made to order for me, it would be a size Extra Long. I love the longer days of summer when it doesn’t get dark until 8:30 or so.

This  is the first time I have really considered the effect that the upcoming short days and long nights will have on the Wu Food Project. Certainly it will mean there will be  no time in the evening to walk–it will be dark when I leave the office.

This means I am going to have to get in the habit of going to the gym–and my church gym is right on my way home–if I go that way–so it is not like it is even inconvenient.

I guess most habits are like this–it is more about the inertia of getting started, rather than keeping up the routine. Still, there is the niggling issue of getting to the gym before it is already way past time for supper.It can’t be a good idea to let my blood sugar plummet and then eat, and then go to bed.

Eating at regular intervals seems to be a big part of the success of the Wu Food Project because it keeps my blood sugar levels stable and I don’t ever become ravenously hungry.

How could you even think about skipping lunch when a delicious and filling box of Mr. Wu's Singapore noodles awaits?

Having that box of Wu Food in the fridge for lunch is a true boon to me; it’s hard to skip a meal when it is so appealingly healthy and so quick and easy to prepare. And there is one other thing–it is filling and satisfying because of the brown rice and flavorful ingredients. I so wanted to be a Lean Cuisine type person, but I am so not! That is the beauty of the Wu Food Project, finding  ones own food tao or path that accomodates your strengths or weaknesses, your likes and your dislikes-in short, who you are.

Maybe the solution is to have a light supper/snack around 4 p.m, and then I could exercise, and eat the rest of supper after I work out.

It’s a personal quirk, but I get the biggest kick out of turning negatives into positives, and getting more and not less fit in the upcoming, typical Memphis fall and winter months  will prove to be an extra challenge –but one that I will enjoy.

One thought on “Short Days and Longer Nights

  1. I have the same issue with balancing meal time and after-work workouts. I generally eat a small snack around 4:30 (like a Larabar or a smoothie or hummus/crackers), go to the gym at 5:30, and then make it home to prepare dinner by 6:30. That means I’m usually eating by 7:30, which works out well. But if I have super complex or time-consuming meal planned, I have to prep the night before to get it cooked before I’m ravenous.

    For example, tonight I’m making a dish that takes about 45 minutes to cook. So last night, I chopped veggies and pre-cooked the vegan sausage that goes in the recipe. Both will be super time-savers when I get home tonight.

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