Row, row, row your boat

In case I was tempted by the seductive little dollops of herb butter, this little ghost stood sentinel urging me to reflect and reconsider!

Well then can I walk beside you
I have come to lose the smog
And I feel like I’m a cog in something turning
And maybe it’s the time of year
Yes and maybe it’s the time of man
And I don’t know who I am
But life is for learning
We are stardust, we are golden

From Woodstock by Joni Mitchell

About the same time of man that I was padding around in bare feet and beaded hip hugger blue jeans with hair down to my waist and a stainless steel Vietnam POW/MIA bracelet on my wrist (Victor Apodaca, did you ever come home?), my daddy  would  grouse that to my mother and myself, “Every day is a holiday.”

I have no idea where that came from, unless my father was born of Calvinist stock–for we were certainly not what anyone would consider bohemian or profligate celebrators.

(Although I must say we had a certain esprit and dedication to finding happiness in the ordinary and even more  joy in special occasions. )

I wonder what my daddy would have made of a gala. Well, I know. He would have said write a check and be done with it.

But that is not how galas work.

There must have been a time when there was not a gala–or even three galas on any given weekend or even weeknight. So when a gala rolls around and makes you feel like a cog in something turning, to borrow a phrase from Joni Mitchell, then it is a pretty extraordinary gala.

Such was the case tonight. It was remarkable. It was a gala with meaning and substance.  Some folks like to go white water rafting. For me–it is all about jumping in the same canoe and rowing in tandem. That is the biggest thrill in the world for me–and tonight was a real journey.

I very much enjoyed hearing the acceptance speeches given by the four medalists, Linda Hill for the Art Team at Le Bonheur who facilitated the gathering in of the remarkable collection of art at the new Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital for contributions in the Visual Arts;  Christopher Blank for his writing about the arts for Literary Arts;  the Le Bonheur Club, for their extraordinary support of art therapies for children and their families at Le Bonheur for Patron of the Arts; and Tania Castroverde Moskalenko for her dynamic leadership of GPAC for Performing Arts.

I was pondering the things that each medalist had to say last night, and was so thankful that the Germantown Arts Alliance was able to provide a forum in which these four powerhouses who have brought the healing and community building power of the arts to the people were able to stand and explain themselves.

Each person who spoke was able to express both their feelings and their thoughts in a very forthright and meaningful way.

It was a joy to be there, and for a brief while, we were all stardust.

One thought on “Row, row, row your boat

  1. The gala was wonderful and as usual your decorations were great. I, too, avoided the butter but not the dessert or the potatoes.

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