Away from Wu

Mr. Wu has a wonderful way with green beans, too--but last night's green beans with carmelized onions were a real treat.

On the few occasions when I have been unable to return to Mr. Wu’s for my dinner, I always feel uneasy. But like some teenage creature I am learning that I can be trusted, errr, I mean I can trust myself to make sensible choices.

Tonight was one of those evenings that followed “one of those days”–a text book example of a krrrrazeee Monday! One of those days  that startles you when you think of everything that happened–and you ask yourself “Wow–did all of that actually happen TODAY?!”

But it was mostly good, which reminds me of what my friend, the late Jimmie Farris used to say after rough and tumble political meetings when I would be distraught over the acrimonious rhetoric. “Well, ” she would drawl, “Did you get your votes?”

If the answer was a yes, then Jimmie’s response was always,  “Well then, it sounds like everything went well, and you should be happy.”

So I am today–mostly happy, because in addition to a great rehearsal tonight, we had a cheerful dinner together that was full of what our founder calls, “A Camaderie”.

When it came time to order, the fellas were not only supportive–they took an active role in helping me place my order. It was the best thing that happened to me all day.

It was really intriguing to me, because it was sort of a guy thing–the way guys do that one for all and all for one  thing that is so team oriented. And so it was decided that I should order the grilled salmon–but after grilling the waiter about what was “in”  the chef’s sauce of the day –the unanimous decision was that it should be server on the side. Actually, I  forgot it existed until I was nearly finished, anyway–so the little cup of it wound up being passed about and until they had sopped it all up with bread.

Next decision was the green beans versus the spinach. The general consensus was the green beans–and the waiter ended the discussion by insisting the beans were the better choice. To make things even better–the waiter substituted spinach for the lettuce in the salad  for me–and served it with red peppers, tomatoes, and I think sliced fennel–with the dressing on the side.

I have to say I really really really enjoyed the grilled salmon–Mr. Wu does not grill, which was a great puzzle to our young singer who hails from Dallas. “Doesn’t he have a grill?” he queried incredulously.

“”No, he has a wok, ” answered another, matter-of-factly.

And for sure, Mr. Wu’s way is the better way to better health, but for a treat, that smokey crispness was quite a pleasure.

However, the biggest pleasure by far was being supported so earnestly and enthusiastically by the fellas.  With their exclamations of “Noooo! Mr. Wu wouldn’t eat that!” ringing in my ears, it turns out that my dinner away from Wu has only wound up strengthening  my resolve to “do right”. And tonight I will go back to Wu.

One thought on “Away from Wu

  1. I think that last night was really an example that with some knowledge, via Wu, and with your own determination you can change your life style and be the better for it. I continue to be proud of you.

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