Walking the Wu Tao in Tupelo

A sunlit afternoon in Tupelo

Hustling and bustling Tupelo seems to exude  less  “hunk-a hunk-a”  Elvis than does Memphis.

Memphis has a yearning edge, an other worldly quality that is embedded in reality; Memphis is a combination of grit and mud, soulfulness and sexuality. We are Elvis, and I think that is why when people from all over the world make a pilgrimage to see Graceland, they are not disappointed. In Memphis, they find Elvis and a burning love.

At the same time, I quite like Tupelo.

It must be a very livable city and while I felt less likely to run into Elvis there than I do here in Memphis, I found an immense appeal in its gentle way of life and its sense of community. It boasts an extraordinary number of restaurants for a city of its size, and this fact has caused me to wonder if perhaps the number of restaurants in a city correlates with the amiability and the compatibility of its residents.

My little jaunt involved work that was pleasure, and an event that took place at a marvelous restaurant called Park Heights. If you’re in Tupelo–stay for dinner! But they were not open for lunch, so we ate at the grill that is adjacent to it, and guess what?  I…was…so….good!

While a giant step above pub grub and the stuff of fern bars, it was still  not the easiest menu to maneuver through, but by substituting jasmine rice for the side of french fries , down-sizing the entree to an appetizer portion of the kabob, and adding a side of asparagus I was able to create a healthy meal. The neat thing was that I not only felt sane and sensible–I really did enjoy eating it.

It may not have been anything like walking in Memphis–but at least I was able to walk the Wu Tao in Tupelo!


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