A Fresh Start

Grilled Salmon with Cilantro Brown Rice and Broccoli

From time to time I am asked, “How much weight have you lost?”, which is a sensible question. Everyone is naturally curious and it was after all  one of my primary motivators in pursuing  the Wu Food Project.

Although I have lost 14 pounds now, and am a size smaller–and as absolutely  thrilling as that is (!) –what has been much more absorbing and utterly satisfying is the feeling that has come from the evolution of my thinking and my feelings about what I eat.

For example, not only do I not crave, I just don’t want certain things. Like mac and cheese, for example, or rolls and butter.

I am as surprised as anyone could be by this. I was a true Dairy Queen. Cream, butter and cheese formed a luscious trinity of yumdom. It isn’t that I don’t think I would enjoy those foods, it’s just that I am perfectly okay not eating them now.

Somehow I am just in a very good place. I feel better. Literally. More energetic, more  clear headed. That’s very motivating.

And it has given me the confidence to “make a new beginning” by starting  a new phase of the Wu Food Project, which is to start making some of my meals myself.

While it is wonderful to have Mr. Wu make my lunch the night before, it is sometimes very hard to get by the Royal Panda in the evening due to conflicts with my work schedule.  Tonight was one of those nights, and it was great to take some leftover salmon and mix it up with some left over brown rice and add some left over broccoli and have a whammo meal.

Adding some fresh herbs is a great way for me to add some variety to  my menus without adding calories.  I decided to start with my favorite herbs, cilantro and basil.

So far so good. I am losing weight faster than I ever dreamed would be possible, and I am feeling well and happy–and full, while doing so. I would never have found my way without Mr. Wu… I am unbelievably grateful to him.

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