Energy in a Wu Box

This past weekend was something of a blur, careening from concert gig to concert gig with a whole lot of  frantic hall decking (fa la la la la)  before, during and after.

The only way–and I mean this so sincerely, the ONLY way I managed to get through this weekend was because I had a) lost some weight, and b) was eating healthy meals thanks to Mr. Wu.

The weight part counts for a lot–weighing more simply weighs you down. It’s harder on your feet, harder on your knees, and just generally harder on your entire body.

There is a lady who works where I do who is like a little poodle in that she is so energetic and is literally light on her feet. She works out a lot and loves the kind of yoga you do in extreme heat. Although she is exceptionally lean and trim, what fascinates me most is  her ability to wear  the most incredible shoes–we are talking glamorous high heels–and she just bounces all over the store  in them. I bring up the poodle, because if you think about it,  terrier types all bounce about and the bigger dogs just  kind of pad around.  The Wu Food Project will mean that I will be able to put my best foot–in a really  cute shoe, forward again!

As I said, the second reason I “survived” the wild last three days was because I was eating properly. Well, maybe not properly, because I did miss breakfast a couple of days, but at least I ate only healthy foods, and except for Friday night, I managed to get by the Royal Panda to pick up my boxes of Wu Food. Mr. Wu prepared chicken breast with his superb fresh spinach, and his Royal Panda lo mein.

The other thing that I noticed was that although I felt worn out and hurt all over after the rigors of decorating at the Pink Palace, I recovered after a night’s rest. Well, and a sleepy time advil last night didn’t hurt. But even so, it was amazing how much energy I was able to summon  today.

There was even enough energy today to knock out some projects at work and to deck yet another hall! I am still feeling like the brown rice has a lot to do with my energy level, since it is after all a carbohydrate, but one with some really interesting properties.

Our  a cappella group received two standing ovations, which was very cool, especially since one gig was as a warm up band for the stellar New York Voices. We sang three songs: Change the World, Stand by Me, and Man of Constant Sorrow. I love to stand in the back with the sound guy and see the crowd all happy and moving in time with the music.

I feel lucky to be so  squarely in the business of happy, whether it is my job or with our vocal band. And fortunate to have discovered a pathway to healthier habits via the Wu Food Project.

One thought on “Energy in a Wu Box

  1. It was fun last night and I saw lots of smiles from the ladies and from our chief decorator. GPAC is, again, going to be lovely for the holidays. Swagging is so depressing and chaotic and you removed that from the agenda last night. Good idea!!

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