Fragrant and somewhat spicy, this tofu dish that features a number of healthy vegetables in its retinue is full of nutrients.

I chose to plate Mr. Wu’s colorful tufu dish on this plate to illustrate one of the lovely things about tofu–its wonderfully smooth texture and fresh pleasant taste remind me of scallops. It’s close enough to jazz to give me the same mouth pleasure as scallops at a much reduced expense. And I bet the tofu is a lot more nutritious.

Today was one of those days when I self awarded myself a gold star for effort in the face of temptation. Things were so hectic today at work that we actually had sandwiches and salads brought in–and that lovely bakery fresh sour dough was singing a real siren song to me–not to  mention those little potato chip bags. They seem so innocuous. So innocent. So small. what harm could they do? I know tho. They could unleash the Beast of Crunchy and the Monster of Salty!

So I drove over to Mr. Wu’s and picked up a box so I wouldn’t get off schedule when I could not get back there tonight because of our party.

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