Proud as a Peacock in a Pine Tree

The tip top of the tree I decorated for the LeBonhuer Twigs Enchanted Forest at the Pink Palace.

Nothing very unusual about me needing to be in two places at one time. No, I take that back, if I ONLY needed to be in two places at one time, that really WOULD  be unusual.

The seemingly never ending need to “co-nay,tri-nay, quatro-exist” in different places all at the same time is probably the major stress creator in my life.

The experts are beginning to say that multi tasking is not supposed to be all it is cracked (hmmm, there’s a pun) up to be, but trying to multi-task in  multi-lateral locations–now there’s a challenge.

Last night was one of those nights,  and what I wound up missing was the bodaciously fun preview party for the Le Bonheur Twigs Enchanted Forest. This was a disappointment because when you are decorating your tree, you become really good friends with the people who are setting up trees in your area. It’s fun to see everyone that you saw in their sweats and jeans all dressed up in their gay cocktail dress apparel at the party — and it is also a kick to see  how it all looks after the place is vacuumed and white  snow is placed around all of the trees. The party is the last time you will see your old and new friends until the next year. And I missed it.

The party is also when the awards are announced. I hope the ladies who decorated the football tree with garlands of referee shirts and a goal post tree topper won something. Also the wonderful elderly couple who were across from me whose theme celebrated the Gift of Christmas. Their tree has a very special spirit about it, you can feel the love and the gentleness of these kind and caring people who, with limited resources, fashioned small gift packages with wrapping paper they felt happy to find at a garage sale and who embellished each gift with extra touches.

I am going to suggest that the Le Bonheur Twigs might want to invite the creators of the trees in the Enchanted Forest to come back on a  Sunday or Saturday  afternoon to visit with the public and explain how their trees “grew”. Many of the trees are very personal, and many express a point of view.

The tree that grew feathers and thought it was a peacock.

Because we are a five generation family business in love with our community and our customers, my tree was created to reflect the theme “Proud to be a Memphis holiday tradition”. It is supposed to look like a peacock–if an artificial tree could really look like a peacock. Since I could not go last night, and since I felt sheepish about calling Erin–who might also be put in the awkward position of telling me that “No, no one thought the tree looked very “peacockish”, but thank you dear for trying”, I decided to call the Palace Cafe. It is located on the floor right below my tree next to the escalator that goes “up”. (and boy does it–I learned this the hard way when I was trying to decorate the backside of the tree and my own backside got pushed along with the rubber rail.)

Upon hearing the explanation of my plight,  the fellow who answered the phone  agreed to ride up and take a look to see if I might have won  some sort of honorable mention.

He comes back, and guess what?! The Peacock Tree won Best of Show!

I am amazed, because our tree won the same title last year, and I felt like last year’s success was because I had a lot of beginner’s luck. Also, I have to say that this year’s tree was not the finest looking thing I have ever laid eyes on. In fact, my decorating neighbors laughed and said it should receive the “Most Improvement” award. Gee, I liked the ladies who did the Football Tree. I sure hope they won something.

I’ll explain a little more about how I decorated the tree tomorrow, and add some more photos.

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