More or Less

Grilled Salmon, Broccoli and Brown Rice

Yesterday I had a wonderful treat–grilled salmon. It was accompanied by the usual suspects, broccoli and brown rice.

I am not sure why Mr. Wu does not serve salmon. I know for a fact that he has gone to Alaska and caught salmon, because I have seen the photos. I am going to guess that he prefers the milder flavors of sea bass and orange roughy, as they provide a better canvas for the complex flavors he likes to develop in his dishes.

Mr. Wu has a very refined palate, and does not like overtly strong flavors. There is something to this line of thinking, and the “more is more” attitude that I so often indulge in –creatively speaking–and sometimes otherwise, it something for me to consider.

I’ll never be the gal that sits around mulling a grape, unless it is already in a state of wine, but I do need to continue to be more mindful of what I am doing, and slooooow down.

I want to become more and more aware of life, and to be mindful of the people and the beauty that surrounds me,  because I think that if I do, then there will be more of life to enjoy. And life is so short.

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