Wu and the Principle of “Just One”

The treasure that was bestowed upon winners in the Festival of Trees Decorating Competition was melt in your mouth chocolatey delight!

With the success I’ve experienced by eating like Mr. Wu,  it is pretty easy to say no to foods that would wildly upset the applecart of progress.

For example the only tangible reward for receiving an honorable mention for ones tree in the Festival of Trees at the Pink Palace is a tin of chocolate candy bars.  So there you have this seductive stream of logic that tells you, “Oh yes! This is not  a canister filled with ridiculously empty calories; quite the contrary–this is recognition, and recognition has no calories.”

Right. It isn’t like I went out and bought the candy–the candy was bestowed upon me. When you think of it, that is how one can slide down many a slippery path.

Opening the tin and smelling the heady aroma of chocolate was semi-intoxicating. I do love chocolate.  In fact, I love it so much, that I was frightened that if I began eating it, I feared I would wind up saying, “Oh, one more piece.”

And then, “Ohhhh, one MORE piece.” Which is yet another slippery path. I must be the Sacajawea of slippery paths. And I know the best course is often a hasty detour.

But I was proud of me. I ate ONE of the little miniature chocolate bars–a milk chocolate one with almonds, because the almond one would have a chew factor. (You see–I am learning!) And while it would have been nice to have another, it was nicer not to.

The can has been downstairs since Sunday, and I have not had another. Tomorrow I will take it in to the office, where it can be appreciated by the folks who will be so busy during the holiday season.

But what I anticipate as being more difficult is the selection and the moderation involved in eating Thanksgiving Dinner with my mom at a brunch buffet. Therefore I have been planning my strategy. For one thing, I am going to try to make sure I get some extra exercise. Tomorrow I hope to go on a long walk, and then on Thanksgiving morning,  maybe I can walk–and also go for a swim that afternoon.

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