The Color of Wu

Colorful and healthy Royal Panda Shrimp comes with two vegetable side dishes.

Ah. Back to Mr. Wu’s colorful and healthy food. The correlation between the presence of healthy antioxidants and vitamins  in fruits and  vegetables, and intense color  is a happy thing. What a great and easy way to shape your diet!

Today’s lunch is a great illustration of  the colorful vegetables that are a part of Mr. Wu’s nutritional palette.

When you think about it, it is kind of odd that many of nature’s most brightly colored critters are said to be poisonous, which is the reason why they, say unlike Bambi, can bollix  around the woods or primordial swamp with no fear.  But that’s the fauna story. The flora story is that colorful edibles  are really, really good for you. Just another one of life’s paradoxes I guess, but sometimes I prefer to ponder a conundrum centered on the relative noxiousness of a Brazilian tree frog versus a Ripley tomato than to think on more worrisome mysteries.

The other thing I think about where color is concerned is that it is the reflection of light, and just that concept alone amazes me. If you have been following along these entries for any period of time, you may be throwing up your hands right now; yes, I express amazement with a regularity that could appear suspect. But know this, one of my favorite hymns is entitled, “I Stand All Amazed”, because I stand, sit, and lay down all amazed.

How could anyone not live in a state of amazement and awe— the world is chock a block with surprises and mysteries and miracles.

When you think about it.

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