Venturing Back and Then Forth

It's been said that "nature's first green is the hardest hue to hold", but I believe that difficult does not mean impossible. And I also believe that what is most challenging to us is the most strengthening.

Who doesn’t love a new beginning? If I was a sociology grad student, that would be the thesis I would choose (today–tomorrow it would be another one probably).  All cultures and faiths have celebrations that center on new beginnings. We seem to be hard wired for hope, and that is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

Today, I ventured back to my church stomping grounds and learned that today was the first day of the church’s calendar year. Now this for some reason surprised me. And this is the sort of thing I would explore in my theoretical thesis, if I could begin college all over again and collect yet another major. So far I have three–how is that for avoidance of a decision? Maybe it is time for another! Like a major that I actually do, like marketing?But who are we kidding, if I went back, I’d add art history to my liberal arts laundry list of majors. And also computer graphics. Is that a major?

(I harbor the opinion that it is my studies in the liberal arts that have been the  most enabling to me in my work, not to mention my pleasure in life–I have no idea what they teach you in marketing.)

As to Advent being the beginning, it strikes me that the church begins with not the birth, but with the expectation and hope of the coming birth.  It strikes me because this is truth. Change comes not with an event, but with the hope and the expectation of the event, and in getting your mind right, and your heart in the right place.

I suspect that most of the world’s celebrations of new beginnings involve a conjugation of the past, present and future in order to move forward toward the new path.

New beginnings.

I hope, therefore, I am.

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