Mr. Wu Decorates the Panda for Christmas

Mr. Wu puts his Christmas tree up on Thanksgiving Day when the Royal Panda is not open for business.

Mr. Wu used to set his Christmas tree up in the center of the main dining room. But now that the large (very large) bamboo fountain is situated there, he has begun placing the tree in recent years near the entry.

Mr. Wu does an enormous amount of carry out business–I guess maybe that is typical of many Chinese restaurants, but it is a real shame that more people do not “stay for dinner”, as Mr. Wu phrases it.  The Royal Panda really is a special place.

I point out the popularity of his take out business because this means his entry area is always filled with people coming and going, and sometimes sitting while they wait for their orders. So it is especially nice that Mr. Wu has taken the time and made the effort to make the area comfortable with chairs, fountains, magazines, children’s books, and now, a brightly lit, festive Christmas tree!

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