Mr. Wu and His Saucy Fishes

Sea Bass with Asparagus

Continuing our fishy theme from yesterday…

Mr. Wu prefers to prepare fish dishes that feature mild, or white fish. I have been assuming that this is because their lack of a pronounced flavor better  conveys  the complex nuance of Mr. Wu’s varied sauces.

Sometimes people think that I am going to tire of eating Wu Food,  which makes me think that they have an idea in their mind that Asian cuisine is very one-note–but nothing could be further from the truth.

Mr. Wu is like a master gardener, who uses a wide variety of plants and shrubs and flowers to create many different tableaux–think Monet’s Garden!

Mr. Wu could make a fortune if he would bottle his sauces and sell them to markets. I’ve suggested this to him and he just looks at me like I’ve said something very silly, like a child who  says, ” I want to wear my cowboy boots to bed tonight.” He  just grins at me , and says “thank you” (of course) and

Steamed Red Snapper swaddled with Northern Bok Choy.

shakes his head.

My all time favorite fish dish by Mr. Wu, and maybe of all time, anywhere, and prepared by anybody is  Mr. Wu’s  steamed red snapper that was wrapped in bok choy.  It was so amazing that is on my top ten best things I’ve ever had list!

I have never yet  met a fish dish created by Mr. Wu that wasn’t a delight.

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