Expecting a Surprise

You will find your solution where you least expect it.

The first time I  felt the true magnitude of the  word “expectation” was when my class studied the novel by Charles Dickens entitled “Great Expectations”.

If you are a reading  kind of person, then words have more than a definition, they have a meaning that is sensed as much as it is understood, that touches a part of the heart or soul in much the same way that  a chord of music is sensed as a major or minor key, or even as something ineffable, like an augmented seventh.

“Expect” is a high energy word, with  a lot of buzz and zing around it.

Just this evening,  I  found a fortune in the pocket of my fluffy housecoat. I must have stuck it in there the last time I wore it, which must have been sometime ago.

Here’s what it said,  “You will find your solution where you least expect it.”

As silly as I know this sounds,  I turned the bedroom  upside down this weekend looking for a pendant that I thought had fallen from a shelf over the bed. I tried to imagine every place it might be–behind the bed? In the covers? On the floor?

So hurray! Tonight I found it! In the same pocket as the fortune.

It seems like sometimes the more I try to wrestle with a problem, the harder it is to figure it out.

Sometimes it just takes time.


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