Putting a Bow on Christmas

My neighbor demonstrated a positive outlook by making this temporary port a potty in her front yard look as festive as her home. This beautiful woman discovered she had breast cancer about six years ago, and survived her chemo and radiation with the same grace and good humor.

It’s not what you expect.

Somehow this seems the right image for a night when a baby was born to impoverished parents in a a shelter meant not for humans, but for livestock. It  was an unconventional beginning.

As I think of the expectations that I have harbored throughout my life, I realize how many were “new in the box” dreams that were born of rubber tree high hopes and gossamer fairy tales.

There aren’t many of us who have those sorts of dreams come true, and maybe that is why the beautiful faces and bodies of those who seem to have life by the tail fascinate us so.

When I have had the world on a string, it has not been because of things, but because of people and the natural pulses of the world surrounding me. And because of one more thing, which can not be discounted. When I have felt most keenly the miracle of being  has been because I appreciated the moment that I was given.

Sometimes life gives you a stable instead of the Holiday Inn, and there are even times when you feel like life has given you a a port -a-potty.

When that happens, and at some point it surely will, then put a bow on it.

And make the best of it.

Great things can come of dashed hopes, as long as you never lose your sense of expectation. As long as you still believe.

I still believe.

One thought on “Putting a Bow on Christmas

  1. Thanks for these particular words. I’m in KC, MO now spending time with my family which includes my father who, the week before Christmas, fell and sustained a serious head injury. Trying to keep a positive attitude isn’t always easy, but you helped today anyway!

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