Buffetted by the Buffet

I have really enjoyed this poinsettia because a) someone I care about cared enough to give it to me to enjoy, and 2) it is delightfully portable in its glittery little four inch pot!

Back to what brings us here.

The good news is that I’ve lost 17 pounds–and it was really nice to see that last pound heralded by the scale on Christmas morn!Behold! LO!  Another pound! Tidings of GREAT joy!

Of course I then felt ridiculously skinny, which was a very foolish thing to think, since I am not, but the gravitational pull of seductive reasoning is hard to resist. And on Christmas Day!

Ah. But on Christmas Day, when my horse and appetite were galloping through the woods to Grandmother’s House! Awaiting me was a virtual bali hai of victuals and hedonistic repasts  on groaning tables spread with white linens. It was a steamy sight, my friends!

Cream was everywhere. The artichoke hearts bathed in a hot tub of creamy sauce, the beans nestled in a creamy casserole, the salmon was soaking in it, and in case you felt like there simply was not enough cream, there was a vat of  cream sauce  ready to be ladled out like water on hot cedar. Truly. It was like a milk bath on a plate! A cream spa! Talk about long time no see!

What did I do? Oh my, I jumped right in there. With both feet. Tis the season to be jolly, and I jolly well decked my plate with yule tide pleasure. Fa la la la la!

The theme was cream. In, and on, and around everything, which to my discredit, I thoroughly enjoyed.

La. La. La. La.

I cudda done better, tis true. But I cudda done worser. At least I did not back up the truck and load it on–I was circumspect.

The spinach salad, rich and egg-y, was kind of wilty, but still tasted very good.

Under the circumstances. At any rate, I have no regrets, I really enjoyed it, and my mom and my older son and I had a swell time divvying up bits and pieces of this and that at the table so that we could have SMALL tastes of dishes, rather than having large amounts from the buffet.

That was a new tactic I learned, that I have not seen listed before in courses in “Defensive Eating During the Holidays”. It is good to round up a “Buffet Buddy”  so that you can divide portions up at the table. That way you can  still have a chance to enjoy the panoply of  foods offered at the buffet without dragging a mammoth-sized portion back to the table and having to finish it before you can taste something else.

Buffet. Boo -fay!

Even the word sounds sinful.No surprise it is the root word of “buffeted”,  which Merriam-Webster tells us means “to knock (someone) off course”.

Guilt free and delicious: Royal Panda Shrimp with Snow Peas and Spinach.

The defense rests its case.

For supper, I returned to chaster pastures, and grazed on a delightfully guilt-free meal of Royal Panda shrimp with spinach and snow peas and brown rice.

Virtue tastes so good, and it feels even better.

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