Serendipi-Tea for All

Mom displays her new "teapot for one" with Monica, who happened to be serving that day in the dining room. Monica is a fancier and collector of tea pots extraordinaire.

My mom is not the easiest person to shop for–she is a frugal person of the generation whose wants are determined by their needs. Add to this that hers is not an acquisitive nature and that she likes “neatness and order” on a monastic scale.

Thus the parameters are set. The gift must be useful in order to earn its keep in the realm of “a place for everything and everything in its place”. This makes finding a personal gift all the more challenging. At least it does to me. I ‘ve already said I am lousy at finding the perfect gift for someone. I think my latent perfectionism (hey–I SAID it was latent) kicks in and I become paralyzed with indecision.

Unless! A thunderbolt of recognition thumps me upside of the head–as it did in Marshall’s, of all places. I had dropped by to kill some time while Mr. Wu readied my daily Wu Boxes, and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a TEAPOT –for one! Lo!

Understand that Mom is very very big on “just enough”. (Yeah, I know, this nut rolled a long way from that tree–but I am on the Wu Tao trail to more moderation. Did I just say “more”? There I go again….)

The little teapot sits on top of the cup so that while the tea is brewing, it is warming up your cup.  Cunning! Not only is the item space efficient, but energy efficient as well!And mom loves her daily cup of tea. She has it after she has dinner. And it seems to be working for her, too, in terms of good health–mom is 88 years old today. That’s an entire keyboard!

Not only is the teapot functional, it is fancifully  decorated with scenes from the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, bringing back warm memories of when mother would read to me from Alice in Wonderland. Even the  box is perfect, with an image of the white rabbit racing along exclaiming, “I’m late, I’m late!”

Poor mother–how often has she heard those words? That’s because I am always trying to cram a bucket of things to do into a tea cup of time. Oh well. I do the best I can, and mom, like all moms knows it. As I left her on Christmas day to scurry on to the next activity, she repeated the phrase “Give yourself some slack, give yourself some slack!” as if it was an incantation that would work. I wish it could.

Since our table had become littered with so many tiny  teapots on Thanksgiving Day, I thought it would be funny to give her “one more” on Christmas Day when we had lunch in the dining room.

Monica loves teapots that she has tea to go no matter where her steps take her!

When one of the servers, Carly, saw the teapot she couldn’t wait to go get her sister, Monica, who was also serving, and show it to her because as she said, with what turned out to be great understatement, “Monica LOVES teapots!”

Well, yes, Monica really really does love teapots. She began collecting them when she was a child, although, of course, she still is, but does not know it. She is that age.

I told Monica where I’d bought the little tea pot, and she said she hoped she’d be able to find one just like it.

I am still having trouble  getting into the swing of tea drinking. Like Bianca, who writes a blog called Vegan Crunk, I have my difficulties with some of the flavors. (google vegancrunk tea and some of her entries concerning tea will pop up.)

It is surely a matter of getting used to the various blends, and then I will acquire a taste for tea that is undoubtedly a healthy thing.  I  find I like all teas better when they are cold. Especially when I add a little pomegranate juice, but that is cheating. I want to like them “as is”.

Tea drinking is a healthy habit I need to develop next year. I’m not ready to get a teapot tattoo, tho. Maybe I’ll just hang a tea bag from my rear view mirror!

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