Mr. Wu Makes Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Mr. Wu put some sunshine on my plate today by surprising me with this entree of beef and tomatoes with brown rice.

Comfort foodies know that cravings for certain foods are not just impacted by ones emotional state of mind, but by forces of nature. Well, that’s probably overstating it a little, but certainly nearly all of us are affected by the weather.

Whether is a steaming hot ooey gooey casserole of lasagna or a pot of spicy chili, or sweet hot chocolate and chewy oatmeal cookies, everyone has a foul weather food friend that tastes oh so good when the weather is oh so bad.

After asking Mr. Wu to choose for me, I should not have been  surprised to see the bright orange of the tomato and beef entree in my take out box on this  gray and cloudy December day. As you can see, it looked like sunshine on a plate.

Mr. Wu’s take on weather related comfort food is different–and healthier than my own “old”  attitude. And it is much more effective than my old ways, which generally left me feeling less comforted and aggravated with myself, rather than feeling better.

This is such a simple thing, making smart substitutions for dumb ones (duh). Still, it is very helpful to have someone like Mr. Wu helping me make these decisions, and teaching me these new ways.

Another substitution I find myself making easily now is fruit for dessert. One of my favorite fruits for dessert is a pear. Oh my, when a pear is all ripe and drippy with juice, it is so good. Like pineapples, I find the perfect pear rather difficult to locate. I like the kind that are really soft and juicy, the kind that you typically find in one of those fancy gift baskets.

When I look at making choices in a “this way” instead of “that way” perspective, then it is a lot easier to make the changes I need to make. It’s just about looking at things differently.

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