Happy Wu Year!

Mr. Wu's fabulously crispy shrimp rolls were a real treat for our New Year's Day lunch!

January 1 is a day that we all mark as a new year, in a collective way, and I always enjoy the camaraderie of all the talk about resolutions, the chance  to sort of piddle around,  and naturally, the excuse to tipple champagne.

In terms of activities, January 1 may be our most laid back holiday–possibly because it follows New Year’s Eve merry making.

My personal new year falls on my birthday, as I suspect it does for a lot of  people. As I grow another year older,  I do some very serious assessing and set some serious goals for myself. On my birthday I mull over some major life  issues.

My New Year’s resolutions though are more to the point, and

Michael thought the crab meat wontons were exceptionally delicate and crispy with a delicious filling.

aimed at self improvement. When I was in third grade I had a book of riddles,  and one of them asked, “What is the biggest room in the world?”, and the answer was (and still is), “The room for improvement.”

That being said, in my mind’s eye I imagine myself in a cavernous hall of mirrors. There is no end to the number of things I feel I could  stand “improving on”, so the task of refining a set list of resolutions becomes quite vexing. There has to be some criteria, some sort of outline, or I become mired an 1001 resolutions.

I figure my primary target this year is going to be time. Literally. There are 24 hours in a day. Somehow I don’t feel like I am getting the most out of them. Now I do not know for sure that this is the case. So we are back to becoming more mindful again.

Mr. Wu's eggplant in tangy sauce is very hearty.

I’m going to aim to become extremely mindful of time. I want to figure out when I am most productive and plan accordingly, and I certainly want to include more physical activity in my day. And sleep, although I generally do pretty well, and ever since I read how important it is to your health, I have tried to get my seven hours–which is what seems to be my natural “fill”.

This will mean early to bed and early to rise-I think. We’ll see. That is the whole point of being mindful. You are led by your observations, and by what works and what doesn’t work.

IT goes without saying that I will continue on with my Wu Food Project. I am thrilled to death to have lost 17 pounds thus far, and am looking

Royal Panda's version of General Tsao's Chicken

forward to losing some more. Someone asked me how many and for how long? And I told him I have no endpoint in mind. This is a good path for me, and I intend to follow where it leads.

Now as  I said, January 1 is a good day to dawdle, so it was an excellent day to meet a couple of a cappella cohorts for lunch at Mr. Wu’s to discuss our upcoming project with Opera Memphis and Playhouse on the Square. It will be an operappella–the first of its kind–ever!

Michael, the composer of the operappella,  ordered something I have wanted to try and it was outstanding–the

One of the best dishes in Memphis--Mr. Wu's heavenly steamed sea bass.

eggplant in tangy sauce. It was very hearty and would be excellent–almost like a stew with the brown rice. I had the steamed sea bass, as did Jay, the founder of DeltaCappella, who was also there to pick up some Wu Food for his family.

What a fantastic way to begin a new year–planning a  Midsummer Night’s Dream in bleak midwinter!


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