Ready, Set, Cram!

Lunch was Part 2 of my New Year's Day Lunch.

There’s one thing that I started doing in high school that I still do today. Cramming.Only now it has a new name–triage.  Literally so much to do–and so little time.

If I hadn’t been so busy today, I would have felt a little mournful at the passing of the holiday. I still had some unpopped kernels of joy and cheer to betide, and a few more lo and beholds left before letting go of the holidays.

But clearly, the rest of the world is ready to move on, and that means getting ready for work on Monday. In other words, cramming–just like days of old, but instead of index cards filled with scribblings regarding some esoteric aspect of Chaucer or Flannery O’Connor, Donatello or the Russian peasant, it involved a host of household chores.

Back in the day when I was the queen of the last minute paper, the adrenalin seemed to be part of the equation that made my brain a little sharper. It was part of the rush.

Now, I have to say–adrenalin is not such a great high anymore.  Bungee jumping deadlines when you don’t have the choice not to jump  simply  is not as much sport as it was back then. Now it is just how things have to be, and we call it triage.

I stayed home and stayed after it all day–not leaving the house once, and not even taking  the time to get over to Mr. Wu’s for a supper box. Instead, I prepared one my Tasty Bite dinners, one with spinach and basmati rice that had a real punch of heat.

I got a lot done. But after all that cramming, comes the crash!

I’m tired!


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