Wu in Winter

Mr. Wu has taught me to eat spicy foods when it is chilly outside--like his sunny-colored, curry flavored Singapore Noodles.

Brrrrrrr. I’m hungrrrrrrrry. When the temp drops and it gets downright cold,  I hear the call of the wild.

And it is calling  me to forage! I’ll eat–and then in about two hours, I am thinking about eating again.

All day long,  random food cravings ranged like shaggy mastodons through my head. Lumbering fantasies of  hot chocolate, hot buttered popcorn, hot cornbread, hot chili, hot oatmeal cookies, and hot blackberry cobbler criss crossed my mind today.

Plus I found myself wanting to munch and crunch! Just abstractly munch and crunch.

Funny how the cold does a number on us, making us think we are hungrier that we can or should be, and causing us to crave things that we don’t normally think about.

No matter though–I have banished the kind of stuff that can get me in trouble from cupboard and  pantry. Lead me not into temptation is my motto. It works like a charm. Self discipline is great, but I have learned that exiling temptation is one stop self discipline, and is very freeing. Done. I don’t have to worry about it.

One thing about the Wu Food Project though is that tea is a big deal, and on a cold day like this you can enjoy several cups. This is a real boon for me, because one cup of coffee and I have hit my limit in terms of caffeine. Well, and cream.

I am finally making progress on the tea-front, and am enjoying it more and more. I read that the Chinese way is to drink hot tea because it is more compatible with the heat of ones body and digestion. I will have to ask Mr. Wu if he has any thoughts on this theory.

For lunch I had Mr. Wu’s colorful  Singapore Noodles, which warm you from the inside out with their spicy curry flavor.

Thanks to Mr. Wu, I weathered my food cravings and ate healthy meals today.

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