A Drift in Memories

A photo of me and my pet, "Little Red Hen" that I'd hoped to add to an earlier entry suddenly surfaced in my sifting today.

It was a day spent sifting through drifts of old letters, documents and receipts, sympathy cards, and photos.

I woke up this morning with both ears aching and a scratchy throat, a discomfort  I’ll blame on dusty excavations in an abandoned bedroom. The chore has been easily avoided. There were, and still are other tasks that seem more compelling, more needed per the triage of the day.

Rummaging through the flotsam and jetsam of the accumulated clutter recalls memories. Some are tough to take. The most painful reminders are often the sweetest, sending a shooting pain like sugar to a sore tooth in what is  an excruciating stab to the heart.

And so I stay busy. Very busy. But business, like a balm,  works for me, giving me the chance to take  doses of the past like treatments of chemo and radiation, allowing time between the exposure to my losses.

It’s all good. Stops and starts are okay. Pushing on is what counts.

To read the blog that goes with the photo, go to:


Tofu with Mixed Chinese Vegetables

Funny thing–to get myself back on a really healthy track yesterday, I’d ordered Mr. Wu’s clean and refreshing dish of tofu with mixed greens. Last week included some dietary detours, and it was good to drink tea yesterday and today, and to enjoy the delicate flavors of Mr. Wu’s fresh vegetables.

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