Dissing Discomfort Food

Quesadilla with black beans and rice

I alluded to having departed from the Wu path last week–and must confess that it was more than a mere gyroscopic wobble. And yet I did not fall completely off the wagon. Let’s say I had one foot out of the canoe, and then stop it already with the metaphors, and come clean with the facts, just the facts!

When I order tofu two days in a row, one can surmise that there is some contrition in the works. As I’ve said, tofu is my ultimate comfort food now, in that when I eat it–I feel comfortable about occupying my stadium seat in the universe. I ain’t hurting nobody. Just munching on some greens and eating healthy. Tell me that’s not a comfortable feeling!

It’s been one heckuva week, more than normal, which is of course pretty darn hectic anyway. Between entertaining guests and trunk shows and most importantly, the production of the Midsummer Night’s Dream, meals, if eaten at all, got pushed to the back burner–or the grill, since this is after all Memphis.

I am not sure I’ve ever experienced greater regret than when I pull out my phone to capture an image of the “dis-comfort food” I am about to eat. Arrrrgh! The shame of it all. Well, I am kinda kidding. If it was THAT bad, I guess I would not be eating it–but the thing is, it is a remarkable way to keep up with what you are eating. Not only does it make me mindful, good heavens, it will bring back memories, too!

Central Barbecue is a favorite of guests from New York to LA.

Having said that, I must admit that since I did not immediately download the BBQ plate, I had to stare at it for a while to figure out what the heck it was. Finally I realized it was the BBQ that we brought in  on Friday when we had designers in from  New York , LA, and San Francisco. They all scream for some Memphis Q, so we ordered up some of the good stuff from Central.

The other departure was a “lady-lunch” with two friends from SKIRT magazine. I let my cilantro addiction get the better of me and ordered the cheese and chicken quesadilla solely on that basis. That’s weird. I know. Cilantro is my favorite herb. I must combine it with tofu–bet that would be good.

Well, that’s my story. It doesn’t have a moral, because I am over thinking in those terms about what I eat. Instead, I am looking at things through another lens–as in what is the smart thing to put on my plate.

The answer is simple. Food should make you feel comfortable about how it’s prepared, what it is, and how it makes you feel as a guest of the planet.

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