Snow Falls on the Panda

The frosty etching on this small screen of several glass panels looks like ice against the snowy scene behind it.

This time the snow fell during the day. Although it is nifty to wake up to a vast expanse of bright whiteness blanketing your yard, it is even more fun to watch the snow as it falls. And this was especially satisfying snow because it fell in big gloppy flakes.

I even got to throw a snow ball at a silver haired gentleman who is a tenant in our building who asked if it was ME who had ordered the snow. I told him I wasn’t minding it a bit, and when he responded in a curmudgeon fashion, I took the snow I had been raking off my back window and made a snowball and threw it at the wall beside  him. He got the biggest kick  out of it and laughed like crazy and so did I.

Ponce de Leon missed the boat on the fountain of youth. It doesn’t flow from the ground, it snows from the sky!

We closed shop early and I was glad since I had a few errands to run before going home.

A view from a window at Mr. Wu's today.

One of them was to run by the Royal Panda and pick up a couple of boxes for tonight and tomorrow. It was so beautiful, I so wished I could have stayed and had a cup of hot tea. But it was necessary to get some film developed, and I also wanted to get over to McDonald’s and pick up a cup of coffee for tomorrow morning.

Coffee purists the world over are having themselves a massive group shudder right now, but that is okay. Tomorrow morning, I will not have to concern myself with dangerous ice and I will tread down my stairs and heat up a cup of coffee and be mighty glad to have it.


2 thoughts on “Snow Falls on the Panda

  1. I’ve been keeping up with you by reading your blog Vegan Crunk. Glad you are feeling better. Those Quickie Quesadillas with the red pepper hummus you had for lunch yesterday looked really good. I am going to start having a mid-afternoon snack like you suggested I should do. Then I should be able to get an early evening workout in.

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