Happy Chinese New Year to Wu in Taiwan

Lanterns at the Royal Panda
Lanterns at the Royal Panda

“My father is in the hospital, he is not doing well,” Mr. Wu told me last week, the day before I left on my trip to Tucson. He was explaining to me that by the time I returned, he might be in Taiwan with his father, who is ninety-five.

Mr Wu chuckled as he continued, “My sister, she told my father that I might be coming and that I would be there on my birthday and for Chinese New Year, and my father, he asked, ‘What is going on, he think I am going to die?'” Mr Wu chuckled some more, his face showing obvious delight in his father’s feisty wisecracking response.

Dads are the same everywhere, hunh?

Mr. Wu was laughing, but he was plainly worried. Tonight, Kwon told me that the elder Wu’s condition is stable, but he is still in the hospital.

I know that Mr. Wu must be happy to be home for a celebration that is decidedly lackluster here in the states. Although it would seem from my brother’s email that he and his sweet Vicki will be ushering in the Year of the Bunny in style.

The two of them just returned to the states from a junket to Tokyo and Singapore. They brought back all manner of festive decorations, including bunches of lanterns, waving good luck cats, and lucky fish –and they managed hang them all before midnight–otherwise,  it is supposed to bring bad luck all year.

That is something I have noticed about many of the Chinese ways. There seem to be a lot of oppositions. Things are either good or bad. Not a whole lot of comme ci or comme ca. Maybe that is the net effect of yin and yang.

Kwon recommended that I order Mr. Wu's Royal Panda Lo Mein for my Chinese New Year repast.

For myself tonight, I asked Kwon if Royal Panda Lo Mein would be a good dish for New Year, and she said that yes it would be an excellent choice. Frankly, it is always an excellent choice, so I guess it was a whammo choice tonight. I know I surely did enjoy it.

Did I miss my Wu Food while I was in Tucson? I certainly  did!

Especially the brown rice. I really missed that a lot, much in the way I used to miss bread.

Most of all, though, I miss Mr. Wu.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Wu.

And Happy Chinese New Year!

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