A Cartful of Soy

My first stop at the grocery store was the "organic" aisle.

Maybe my trip to the grocery store was generated by a desire to be at one with my fellow Memphians. There is a sort of cohesiveness in the parking lot, an esprit de corps in the bread aisle.

Having never lived where snow is not an everyday occurrence–until now, of course, without having even moved–I don’t know if other peoples in places like New England run to the store everytime the weather person predicts snow. Probably not.

I did buy bread, but only its distant cousin–Ezekiel bread. Ezekiel bread is made from sprouted grains–somehow. In my opinion it only serves to prove that you can make a batter out of just about anything, bake it, and call it bread. But it does serve the same purpose as bread, in that its slices can be the outside of some middle inside, like tuna fish, or tah tah tah tah tah dah tahhhh–a soy or black bean burger.

(Tah tah tah tah tah dah tahhhh is a line from the operapella that the voicestra sings whenever the nobles enter–it is permanently in my noggin now.)

Inspired by Bianca’s taste tests I decided to buy different brands of tofu and decide which I preferred. One seems to have vitamins added, and I am prejudiced against that one because I can take my own vitamins, thank you very much.

The various  soy-based foods purporting to be imaginary hamburgers and cheeses sort of reminded me of when I was a little girl and  I would make pretend cupcakes out of sand, and cookies out of the overgrown squashes that daddy would bring home in a basket from the garden for me to play with–yes, I know, it sounds odd, but with a dull knife, I had ten kinds of fun “cooking” with them.

I went home with a basketful of soy–and a very large salmon, that I guess I will poach and then freeze in segments. Mr. Wu does not cook salmon, and it is something I would like to have from time to time.

Total cost was not too bad either. By the time I bought some more things, like cilantro and some nuts, and with savings of $16, I only spent $125–and I even went home with a small crock pot that was on sale!


2 thoughts on “A Cartful of Soy

  1. Oooh, I think I can eat almost everything in that cart!! Except for the yogurt…and the Quorn (they use eggs for some reason….wish they wouldn’t cause that sounds good!).

    Thanks again for the Midsummer tickets!

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