Fast Food Wu Style

Fast Food a la Wu: Chicken breast with green beans and brown rice.

There used to be a popular song called “Just Another Manic Monday”, a description that would have fit this past Monday to a “T”.Especially if it had been sung by that grand indie group of yore, “The Squirrel Nut Zippers”, since it was squirrely, nutty, and I was doing more zippin than the Zippin Pippin.

It left me feeling like I should have accomplished a lot more for all of my expended efforts. But oh well.Sandwiched between the hither and thither I did get to do my show, and afterward I called Mr. Wu and asked him if he could fix something for me that could be ready in ten minutes. He said, “Sure!” (He says “sure” almost as often as he says “thank you”, which reflects his very positive nature.)

I zoomed over, well, I actually went 35 miles per hour, cause that is the speed limit, and when I got there the boxes were stacked neatly on the counter in the crisp white Royal Panda bag.

“What did you cook for me?” I asked.

“Chicken breast with green beans,” Mr. Wu answered, and then he looked at me, sort of waiting for me to respond as I always do.

“Wonderful! I love that!” I replied enthusiastically.

And I do–the green beans are the star attraction in this dish. I’ve not had better green beans anywhere. I swear he must hand pick them because they are so young and tender.

Then it was back in the car and a gallop home to change out of my show duds and into something cozy since the air outside had become quite chilly, and then back to the office and to rehearsal in the evening.

But not before I enjoyed a piping hot plate of Mr. Wu’s nutritious fast food.


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