Lunch Sans Wu

Bowl of carrots and fingerling potatoes with greens

Lunch today was on my own–sans San Lien Wu.

I prepared a Veggie Bowl  that paired roots and tubers with some nice fresh salad greens that I steamed to serve with the fingerling potatoes and carrots. The fingerling carrots were a luxury–but since the bag of salad greens was  reduced for quick sale, I figured it was a wash.

I topped the colorful bowl of vegetables  with a bit of Tasty Bite something or another sauce–it is very spicy, Indian cuisine, and then I cooled the whole thing down with a dollop of Stoneybrook yogurt–the best yogurt in all of the land, as far as I am concerned. I get the full throttle whole milk kind because it is creamy.

The discounted salad greens were great steamed.

There are enough left over carrots, potatoes and greens that I can make a wonderful soup for tomorrow’s lunch.

The spicy sauce kept me from reaching for butter and is an instant hit of intense flavor. And of course it is a complete departure from the delicate and complex sauces that Mr. Wu prepares.

His sauces are more like a composition by Vivaldi. And the Tasty Bite sauces rock your taste buds more like the Stones.

Tonight it’ll  be back to Chez Wu.

After all, I can only go sans San Wu for so long!

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