Mu-Shu a la Wu with Tofu

Mr. Wu wowed me this weekend with Mu Shu with Crispy Tofu.

Oh my, quelle deliciousness! Give me a MU! Give me a SHU. And then give me some crispy fried TOFU! Wrap it all up, and what have you got? Yet another crunchy, zesty, hand-held morsel of joy created by his most excellent cheffness, Mr. Wu.

There are no other Mu-Shu’s like Mr. Wu’s. First, there are his primo ingredients. And then there is that sauce, that fabulous sauce that Mr. Wu concocts that is like makeup for veggies–we are talking transformative.  Like the cabbage he wrapped the red snapper in that time …my, oh my, I must say that Mr. Wu’s expert steaming gives me the vapors!

What I loved about the Mu-Shu with Tofu was the perfect pairing of the crunchy veggies with the custard-like cubes of crispy tofu–which let the veggies do the singing, and allowed the sauce to play an Oscar-worthy supporting role in amping up the entire dish. Wow.  Mr. Wu has taken me to veggie paradise.

Now if I can only talk him into re-branding and changing the name of the Royal Panda to “Shanghai Shangri La”.

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