DeltaCappella on a Roll

The first ever newly created DeltaCappella Roll

When our vocal band does a show, I’m not sure what part of the experience we love the most. It’s probably the spontaneous combustion of heart and soul that occurs when a song achieves its truest and most platonic form and is shared in a joyous communion between the singers and the audience. I love that.

I sit in the back of the halls we perform in, and am moved by the sight of the audience being transported by music that is moving them. Sometimes, and I live for these moments, there is the slightest of pauses between the song and the applause–a silence that falls upon the venue when it is as if no one even takes a breath before the eruption of wild applause. Yep. That’s the best. It’s not about us. It’s about the music. It’s about conveying the truth of a feeling, a thought, or happiness.

I do like to see people happy. And our music raises the water table of joy at every concert. People jump to their feet not because they are ready to go home, but because they don’t want the magic to end. That’s when we often sing “Home” by Marc Broussard, a song that Sir Charles Ponder delivers¬† with his powerful stage presence in a manner that captures the depth and breadth of the Delta and its collective soul.

After a concert we try to find a place that is still serving food–it’s hard to grab much more than a snack between the sound check and the performance–and the fellas are hungry. So after last night’s performance at Theatre Memphis we gathered at Pacific Rim and ordered, for the first time, a sushi roll that we dreamed up at a previous dinner.

The DeltaCappella Roll is a Double roll with Eel, Lobster Tempura, and Avocado. I’m not sure if another acronomic sushi roll exists or not–but this one is double-delicious. It comes with twelve slices–since there are twelve fellas. Of course there’s me, but I am the DeltaCaMomma, and it is rare that everyone can make it to the after rehearsal or concert nosh fest.

We’d like to thank everyone at the restaurant for humoring us and creating yet another one of their sushi masterpieces to our D-E-L-T-A specifications–and we hope it soon makes its way onto the next printing of the menu.

After polishing off some ice cream and tempura cheesecake (everyone shared), we all gazed around contentedly.

It was a good night. DeltaCappella is on a roll!

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