Mr. Wu’s Sidewalk Cafe

Sea Bass with 2 Sauces

Mr. Wu’s restaurant occupies a corner of the shopping area and encompasses a very pleasing and spacious courtyard that leads to a garden area. Three large tables with comfortable patio chairs are available for diners who wish to take in the balmy spring breezes and enjoy the pleasure of a catered picnic a la Wu.

Last night, Mary and Bill and I decided to gather at the Royal Panda for a relaxing meal.

It goes without saying that Bill had already made up his mind that he would order his all-time favorite entree, the Hu-nan shrimp. He merely¬† leaned back and smiled while Mary and I mulled and mused over the many tempting dishes –any and all of which would be delicious.

Deciding what to order just to get the ball rolling was a lot easier. After all, appetizers require so much less commitment. And no matter what you order–they’re all yummy. So it was pretty easy to choose our first appetizer, Mr.Wu’s highly addictive shrimp rolls.

Mussels and Shrimp Rolls

If there is any doubt as to how much we enjoyed them, note in the photo that five of them are already missing. Mary wanted the mussels, which are as pretty as they are tasty, nestled in a fragrant chile oil and broth and topped with yellow bean crumbles.

I forgot to mention that when I arrived, Mary and Bill had already been seated and Mr. Wu had quickly sent out a nice wine bucket filled with ice for the bottle of chardonnay that Mary and Bill brought with them from their house. That’s one of the nice things about Mr. Wu–he is fine with people bringing in their own wine.

Mary, not surprisingly, told Mr. Wu to surprise her, and then much to our amusement, proceeded to tell him, “But I do want fish, and I want the orange sauce, and I want spinach!”

Mr. Wu came outside to catch up on the latest news and to share a toast.

As it turns out, Mr. Wu decided to surprise us both with the same dish. It’s not on the menu, but if it was, I guess a good name for it would be Sea Bass Hot and Sweet, because the lovely white fish comes with two different sauces; one is a sweet orange sauce with notes of caramel, and the other was a spicy, slightly tangy sauce.

Mr. Wu, as usual, was spot on with his choice for us. The two different sauces allowed the sea bass to show two very different personalities–perfect for the two of us who could not make up our minds!


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