Wu Can Leave Your Hat On

My first fortune of 2014 suggested Chapeau Therapy.
My first fortune of 2014 suggested Chapeau Therapy.

Meals at Mr. Wu’s end with a sweet and fragrant postscript.  Soon after the table is cleared,  a small white plate arrives with a juicy half-moon of orange sliced into easy to eat sections. Mr. Wu tells me that it is considered good luck to munch on oranges after dinner.  This rings true–good luck and good health make excellent dinner partners.

Accompanying the auspicious citrus orb, on either side is the sweet part of dinner’s “P.S. de resistance.” Like Randall Jarrell’s postcards of Hope, tiny manuscripts enfolded in crisp sugar cookies arrive in unaddressed cellophane envelopes. You are faced with a momentous decision. Which fortune cookie to choose? I am of the opinion that the prevailing best practice is to take the cookie nearest to you. Applying logic to karma can be tricky, but the way I figure it, if Fate managed to FedEx your future to your table, then Fate has enough sense and know-how to put it as close as possible to your waiting hand.

Rather ironically, the most disappointing fortunes can be the ones predicting the most outrageously optimistic,  exotic outcomes. I am relatively certain that I will not “soon travel to a faraway land” or “receive a windfall next week.”

An actionable fortune!
An actionable fortune!

So I was thrilled that my first foretold experience of the new year was not only possible–but one that I could ensure came to pass. The sweet tweet read: “Try a new hat for a change in looks.  Be creative!”

Indeed! Done! The next day I donned a chapeau and headed for the office. After all, being creative is my job! It was a cold day, and the black felt hat with the velvet bow not only changed my appearance–it felt good.  I shared the slip of paper and we all had a good laugh.

One of my ads in a glass vase made for a creative hat stand.
An ad placed in a glass cylinder made a creative, if somewhat creepy looking hat stand in my office.

I was reminded that  big changes that are challenging and that seem almost beyond our control  often evolve from small seemingly insignificant changes that we can control. So in 2014, I’ll try something different more often–and I’ll feel free to be creative.  I guess sometimes the postscript can be the prelude to the future.

“You give me reason to live…Suspicious minds are talking/ They say my love is wrong/ They don’t know what love is…I know what love is.”

From “You Can Leave Your Hat On”, by Randy Newman.

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