Steamed  Gingered Sea Bass
  Steamed Gingered Sea Bass

Five years ago,  I began what I expected to be a 30-day project.  I had a Point A to Point B goal–to lose weight. In 30 days, no jiggity or messing around, or as Bugs Bunny used to sing on Saturday mornings– with considerable sass: “No more rehearsing or nursing a part–on with the show this is it.” (Right, who quotes Bugs Bunny? But mine is an American mind, a melting pot where John Donne, George Washington, and Bugs Bunny rub elbows with T.S. Eliot, Charles Barkley, and William Faulkner. Think Yoknapatawpha meets yabba dabba doo.)

At any rate, exasperated with my own repeated failures to move the ball,  I reasoned that if I chose someone who was walking the walk, who had a healthy body and peaceful demeanor to show for it, then all I had to do was emulate that person’s daily habits and diet, and walk beside them.  Mr. Wu, the successful owner and executive chef of the Royal Panda, a trim and serene man with a healthy lifestyle was the perfect candidate–not only did he walk the walk–he even ate what he cooked–and so could I!

Well, you know what they say…and it’s true: it’s all about the journey. Thirty days became a year, and now, five years later, finding that elusive balance that makes for a healthy mind, body, and soul is still a project in progress.

Although my entries have become inconsistent, my admiration of Mr. Wu has remained constant–and his support has been cheerfully unwavering. So for the next 30 days, I plan to honor his kind encouragement with a re-dedication to daily entries. I’ll start today, on September 3,  with one of my favorite dishes–his fragrant gingered sea bass on a raft of vibrantly green asparagus. This fresh, light dish dancing with flavors and textures is a celebration on a plate– and proof that walking with Wu takes you down a very beautiful path. Here’s to Wu Tao!

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