My Grown Up Christmas Wish


My mother took me to see Santa Claus. His broken road brought him to a Birmingham department store.

I’ve been enjoying an advent series of sermons built around the title of the song, “My Grown Up Christmas List”.  The minister’s  point is that our  “hopes and fears”  (to quote a traditional carol)  determine what we wish for as we mature, and thus we wish not for material things, but instead yearn for freedom from conflict, for a sense of belonging and to be at peace with ourselves and our families.

Today he pondered the mystery of why our actions in the present are not better informed by our knowledge of the future. I wonder about this a lot, also. Why do we do stupid things when we know the outcomes?

You would think change for the better would be easy. But change of any kind seems to be very challenging.

At the top of my grown up Christmas list is an abiding wish to keep moving in a direction that will lead me to where I need to be. And to not give up. Ever.

I think the key to change  is to be extremely mindful and conscious, which means cultivating a calm sense of awareness. So I guess that is what I really want, and that is a gift that I must give to myself.

For a long time I thought that change was more of a dynamic process, a kinetic and purposeful action oriented endeavor.  Maybe that is the “American way”–or what is more along the lines of “western philosophy”.  That’s pretty much how  I began the Wu Food Project, as if merely changing what I ate would lead me to a new way of being.  But “being” in a different place  requires a path.

Our group recently made the acquaintance of a great songwriter, Marcus Hummon. He collaborated on the song, “God Bless the Broken Road,” a song that plays constantly in my heart.  We do our own  a cappella arrangement and it meant a lot to us when  Marcus broke into a smile and told us how much he liked it. It is Jay’s arrangement of his song that I think most closely touches the music of the song.

IF I can just remember where I have been,  while considering where I would like to be someday, and can be mindful and aware of where I am right now,  then I will be more apt to make good choices that will enable me to choose my path wisely.

Just because the road is broken doesn’t mean that we are. I still believe.