A Thanksgiving of the Heart

Mr. Wu's extraordinary creation, steamed sea bass with orange sauce and snow peas.

I settled into the booth at Mr. Wu’s tonight with the same degree of comfort and joy that one generally only feels when seated at a  Thanksgiving table groaning with a feast and filled with family members from near and far.

And boy was I thankful! My dear friend Bill, who has a heart that has encompassed thousands of mutts, kitty cats,  fancy pooches, and parakeets, as well as his own beloved family and those of us lucky enough to call ourselves his friends, was sitting across from me with his happily beaming wife.  We are glad, thankful, thrilled that his heart, which had a hiccup a couple of weeks ago, is going to be okay. And that means we will be okay, too.

Bill, a retired veterinarian, knows the physics of health. He takes great care of himself, getting exercise and eating sensibly–and Mary, who loves him more than life itself, takes even better care of him.  Together they are a great team, and they share a common goal–to  eat very healthfully so that they can get the most out of their life. I admire their discipline, and the pleasure they take in planning healthy meals.

Shrimp and the World's Best Ever Anywhere on the Planet Spinach.

We all put our physical well being  in Mr. Wu’s capable hands, asking  only that he prepare dishes that would be healthful.  Now I must say,  Mary sort of cheated, because she was clearly lobbying for sea bass, but she did not have to lobby hard because Mr. Wu remembered her preference.

Same with Bill, who mentioned shrimp and was not disappointed by the luscious dish of shrimp and spinach.

Seared Tofu with Mixed Chinese Vegetables and Brown Rice for me.

For me, Mr. Wu chose his seared tofu with jade vegetables and spicy brown sauce.

Every dish was perfectly executed–without the addition of  msg,  and with a minimum of sodium, and with very little fat.

Mr. Wu has made a big convert out of me, and now I am a huge fan of steaming. It seems to concentrate flavors.

It was a fantastic celebration. It was as sweet a gathering and time as I will have throughout the season. Bill’s health is a gift we will all enjoy this Christmas. Bill is after all, December to Mary’s May, and anyone who meets him is astounded to hear the stories that Bill can relate that date back  to the 1920’s.

Age is a state of mind, but good health is a question of mind over matter. Bill is walking breathing proof that you must take  your own well being to heart  so that you can make the sort of decisions that will lead you to a better life.

I am thankful for Bill, Mary, and Mr. Wu.