An Enchanting Adventure in the Forest

Santa Claus with Miss Tennessee in front of the Peacock Tree. I think I heard her tell him that she'd like something that sparkles in her stocking on Christmas morning. They were both attending the Santa's Daddy/Daughter Ball.

By the time I arrived to pay the Peacock Tree a visit, the  Daddy/Daughter Santa Claus Ball at the Pink Palace  was just beginning to wind down.

As much work as we all put into making our trees as beautiful and as festive as possible, not one of them could hold a candle to the little girls in their special holiday dresses, with their little faces  all aglow with the excitement of their double dates with their dads AND with Santa Claus.

Hats and toboggans off to the ladies of Le Bonheur –and the incredible  staff at Le Bonheur who put these events together. Wow.  I have seen the president of the Le Bonheur Twigs there every time I go–last night she was the last to leave, carrying the left over cookies that will surely find their way back to Le Bonheur and the Le Bonheur Club’s coffee cart at the hospital. Sensational.

One of Santa's special guests who attended with ther daddy.

For me it was the first chance to get down there to take a look, so the opportunity to snap photos of Santa and Miss Tennessee was pure serendipity. And the chance to take some photos of the lovely young ladies in attendance was a blessing.

I got such a kick out of them, they were starry-eyed by the end of the event, and I don’t know how many of them went to the up escalator when it was time to go back downstairs and go home. The reactions of the equally starry-eyed dads–no naps or football THIS Sunday for them, was pretty funny, too, as they patiently explained what in their dad minds was beyond obvious with the sweetness that daddies  reserve for their little girls. Just beautiful. I enjoyed it so much.

What's more fun than a holiday party dress, a date with dad, and a party with Santa?

For the little girls, having their photos made with Miss Tennessee was a Disney World experience, for the beauty queen looked so princess like in her white and glittery dress. In fact, the tiara-crowned  Briarcrest graduate enjoys the bling and loves our store,  happily posing with the girls and with Santa  in front of our tree.